Look your Best for the New Year!

Look your Best for the New Year!

Start 2015 off looking your absolute best! Dr. Toral Patel of D&A Dermatology in the Chicago Loop area is here to help you start the New Year off right.

We specialize in Cosmetic Dermatology to help you look your best. The following are just some of the services we provide that will help you accomplish your New Years Resolution for looking your best in the New Year.

Botox Cosmetic Treatments

As times goes by, have you begun to notice small laugh lines and crow's feet starting to develop? Then it may be time to start Botox Laser Hair RemovalTreatments. Not only can Botox help with laugh lines and crow's feet, but also with forehead worry lines, smile lines, and lines between your eyebrows. Almost everyone in good general health is a candidate for Botox. Botox is a great way to refresh your appearance as we head into the New Year.


CoolSculplting may be just the thing you are looking for to get rid of that stubborn belly fat that just won't go away. CoolSculpting is a technique that freezes away unwanted fat cells. The procedure has been cleared by the FDA as effective and safe. The best part is that is is done without surgery or downtime. You will love the way you look in the New Year.

Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, and tweezing unwanted hair? At D&A Dermatology, we can help you get rid of that unwanted hair once and for all. We can remove hair from you legs, bikini area, arms, face, and other areas. You will enjoy the New Year spending less time removing unwanted hair.


To help relieve the stress your skin endures from normal daily life and the environment, consider giving your skin a fresh start in the New Year with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion can help strengthen your skin and thicken your collagen, resulting in smoother and younger looking skin.

Chemical Peel

If you would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines around your eyes and mouth, or reduce the appearance of age spots or freckles, or just generally want to improve the look and feel of your skin, you should consider a chemical peel. With a chemical peel, you will be putting your best face forward in the New Year.

These are just some of the services we provide to help you look your best in the New Year. To find out more, contact Dr. Patel at D&A Dermatology in Chicago at (312) 861-3911 today. Together, we will help you look your best in 2015!