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By D&A Dermatology
December 18, 2014
Category: Dermatology
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While botulinum toxin, the root toxin used to make BOTOX cosmetic is by no means a new toxin, its usefulness in the medical and cosmetic fields was not discovered until the 1960s. At this time, Dr. Alan Scott, an ophthalmologist and researcher Edward Schantz started researching using botulinum toxin treatments. This initial research led to innovations in treating strabismus, which causes the eyes to appear crossed. As the decades passed, further research enabled scientists and doctors to find new uses for BOTOX, including to reduce temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The first official studies on the effects of BOTOX in wrinkle reduction were published in the late 1980s.

Mechanism of Action

BOTOX only works on dynamic wrinkles. These are wrinkles present when a muscle contracts, such as the facial muscles in your forehead. By keeping these muscles from contracting, our BOTOX Chicago Loop patients can achieve a smoother-looking face.

The ability for BOTOX to minimize excessive muscle contraction has opened up the possibilities to treat a number of conditions. Physicians currently use BOTOX to treat more than 20 medical disorders, including chronic migraines, overactive bladder and cerebral palsy.

How Long Does BOTOX Last?

BOTOX is not a permanent solution to wrinkle reduction. The body ultimately absorbs some of the toxin, which can return the wrinkles to their previous appearance. The duration BOTOX lasts differs from person to person. Typically, an injection will last anywhere from three to six months.

When BOTOX is injected, it can take anywhere from three to seven days to take full effect. Once the facial muscles become accustomed to relaxing, patients often can take longer durations between injections.

Ready to experience a younger-looking you through BOTOX? Call our Chicago Loop dermatologist's office at (312) 861-3911 to schedule an appointment.

November 27, 2013
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Acne   Chicago Loop  
acne chicago loop ILMillions of people are affected by acne—both teens and adults alike.  This common, but frustrating condition can cause social anxiety and a lack of self-esteem, especially when treatments fail time and time again. If you suffer from acne in the Chicago Loop, our dermatologist, Dr. Toral Patel, is available to help create a proper skin care regimen to help.

Patients in the Chicago Loop, What Causes Acne?

To help you better understand acne, Dr. Toral Patel offers a closer look at what acne is.  Acne develops when the skin’s follicles are blocked with an overproduction of oil by the oil glands of the skin.  The excess oil creates an environment for bacterial overgrowth, which leads to inflammation and lesions on the surface of the skin in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and sometimes in deeper skin lesions called cysts.  Severe acne can cover the face, neck, chest and back.

Preventing and Treating Acne in the Chicago Loop at D&A Dermatology

There are a myriad of face washes and products sold for the treatment of acne—many without any proven effects. That’s why visiting D&A Dermatology is the best way to find an acne treatment in Chicago’s Loop that will be the most appropriate and most effective for your acne.
There are many simple ways to prevent and control mild cases of acne from home, including:
  • Wash your face gently with warm water and soap each day
  • Avoid excess washing and harsh scrubbing as this will only irritate your acne and lead to dry skin
  • Avoid touching your face as the oils from your hands can clog your pores
  • Do not pop or pick at acne lesions; it will only aggravate your skin more
  • Remove makeup before bed and avoid wearing heavy makeup
Remember, acne can’t be cured over night as it takes time for acne to heal. For severe cases of acne or when self-care techniques aren’t effective, visit Dr. Patel in Chicago’s Loop for acne care.

When to Visit Our Office in Chicago’s Loop for Acne Care

Waiting for acne to disappear on its own can be aggravating, lead to permanent scarring, and even cause severe depression.  In fact, severe cases of acne may only get worse and lead to additional skin damage.  Advanced acne treatments from our office in Chicago’s Loop can help heal existing acne, stop new lesions from forming, prevent scarring and minimize the embarrassment and emotional stress caused by this condition.
The severity of acne and the extent of treatment will vary for each patient. If you are one of the million’s of Americans that suffer from this skin condition, don’t put off treatment. Visit D&A Dermatology in Chicago’s Loop for professional acne treatment and care for blemish-free skin.